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Most companies’ problems with reporting reality is quite basic. Users typically desire a report delivered to them in the same format on a regular basis on a very narrow segment of the total data available. Requirements range from a daily listing containing operational exceptions which need to be managed, to a comprehensive engaging dashboard view of several high-level metrics.

The reporting portal was created to supply a generic enterprise platform from which various clients can access their data in the form of reports and through an interactive dashboard.

By combining the reporting portal with other off the shelf data visualisation packages, we address the full spectrum of client reporting needs.

Easy to integrate,
easy to use.

The Point of Care Technologies Web Reporting Tool is an integration-ready .NET web application that allows organisations with on premise, cloud, SaaS, and enterprise applications to deliver modern, self-service reports, dashboards and visualisations.

End-users securely interact with personalised content through a rich, 100% web-based interface, without needing IT or database experience.

The Tool is built with customisation in mind, including customising the colour schemes, logo and branding of the entire portal to your corporate brand. You can customise it yourself, or ask us to create a custom stylesheet for you.
It is also browser agnostic, responsively designed and renders in pure HTML. Update your Business Intelligence portal instantly with a deployment-ready set of pages and components.

  • No desktop tools, no Flash™, no Silverlight™, and no plug-ins.
  • Rich creation, customisation, and consumption interfaces.
  • Point and click, drag and drop designs.
  • Touch device ready.
The Tool takes advantage of the latest web and .NET technologies:
We use MVC .NET 4.5.

  • Fully exposed JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
  • We use Angular to make the experience truly
  • Incremental releases of new features every
    two weeks.
It runs on your existing .NET hosting infrastructure right out of the box, and can be deployed as an integrated part of an existing website, or as a stand-alone Business Intelligence portal.

  • Compatible with Windows IIS.
  • Low memory and processor requirements.
  • Lives behind your firewalls and protocols.
  • Easy to update and replicate.
It comes with its own, cross-platform mobile app that allows users to download reports for offline usage later when they are in bad signal areas.All reports are mobile compatible and do not need to be designed again for mobile use. Currently, we support Android and iOS.

A wide variety of
visualisations and design
tools are included.