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We have a young, dynamic development team responsible for creating specialised and bespoke software solutions.

We use a combination of the latest technology and tools best suited to the project requirements.

Some of the frameworks, tools and languages that we work with include:

C#, Web API, MVC, WCF, SOAP, NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML5, Angular, React and JQuery.

We enjoy working on client-side technologies such as building client-specific Apps as much as exploring new server-side technologies. We strive to develop software and applications that are easy to implement, use and support and we take pride in what we create.  With more and more people choosing to transact while on the move a mobile app is becoming an increasingly important aspect of doing business and reaching your customer, wherever they may be.

We love building Mobile Apps. A truly amazing app takes hours of innovation, development and testing to make sure that the user experience is just the way your customers expect it to be. Developing a customer experience is inherently iterative in nature, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for but will know it when you see it. Our approach is flexible and collaborative to rapidly converge on the right app experience for your clients.

Android, Apple or Windows devices? Tablet, Phone or wall mounted kiosk device? No need to choose, our hybrid approach covers all these popular devices including targeting the web within the same code.

We work closely with a team of brand specialists and digital designers who have years of experience in understanding your needs and how you wish to present your brand to your customers and can craft a custom user experience that will help your app stand out from your competitors’.

Our consultants will meet with you to understand exactly what you require and come up with a strategy which will allow you to progressively roll out features to your customers in a phased approach. This allows you to start doing business immediately without spending all your budget on the first release and gives your customers the sense that you are always improving as the updates roll in.

Our business centric approach and experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics means that you also can get to know your customer better by understanding how they transact with you.  As integration specialists our developers help you hook up your app with your business partners (mobile payment providers, delivery agents your point of sale) giving your clients an integrated experience and make your app the app they always go back to.

Looking for an app to simplify an internal process for your staff. Look no further we specialise in custom development with years of experience in enabling business processes for our customers.

Contact us today for a look at our previous work and to see what we can do for you.

One common business problem involves sourcing remote data from distributed systems in a reliable safe and secure way so that this data can be included in a centralised data warehouse.

The data sync project is a multi-tier distributed suite of components written in C#.

These include:

  • A multi-threaded windows service running on the client machine.
  • Central settings server responsible for managing all activities of the agent process.

The data sync is an in disposable tool in a retail setting where data is typically fragmented across several point of sale devices, thereby preventing business intelligence solutions from being applied.