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About us

POC Technologies is a dynamic business with a vision to make a difference in the way organisations think about data and how they use it to better manage their businesses.

Our unique combination of development, actuarial, statistical and financial modelling skills, coupled with our intimate understanding of different markets, give us the ability to provide a specialised and compelling proposition to our customers.

We have established a strong and growing presence in the South African healthcare, financial services and more recently hospitality and retail sectors.

We strive to gain a systemic understanding of the industries in which we operate. Business problems are thoroughly analysed and solutions born from a growing understanding of the underlying fundamentals.

We follow an agile or iterative approach to solution implementation. Our strength lies in rapidly connecting all aspects of the solution and then refining the solution in a step-wise fashion with quick turnaround times. This ensures that any solution is immediately relevant and useful to the client and allows us to grow and respond to future business demands.

Data insight is obtained through statistical and other techniques supported by:

    • A deep understanding of financial and insurance markets embodied in the actuarial and other professionals involved.
    • Use of leading technology and visualisation techniques.
    • A passionate focus on constant innovation and the drive for continuous refinement and improvement of processes and customer solutions.

We actively seek to form very strong and durable relationships with our clients.

Our Approach

Our specialised background allows us to offer an integrated approach to Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions. We provide a baseline ‘out of the box’ solution containing our cumulative past efforts, experience and familiarity with the various industries in which our
customers operate.

By following this approach, customers’ risk of slow incomplete developments are minimised. Furthermore, functionality and usability are maximised beyond what is typically obtained through the more traditional approach of only gathering requirements from users. As business users are generally at a disadvantage of not knowing what the technology platforms are capable of. As a result, users are able to start exploring their own data in a thoroughly tested, easy to use environment, designed for that purpose within a short period from project commencement. It is through such exploration that users are able to quickly verify the quality of their own data and any potential shortcomings therein which in turn guides us into how to customise the solution to better meet each client’s particular need.

We appreciate that a solution cannot succeed on features alone and needs to be affordable in order to maximise a customer’s return on investment. Client affordability does influence our technology decisions. This is one of the reasons why we focus on packaging specialist knowledge in a solution targeting a broad class of the common business problems and then customise the solution further.

Our specialised background allows us to offer an integrated approach to Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions.

The team

We are a team of visionaries,
innovators and entrepreneurs.

POC Technologies consists of a dynamic consulting team specialising in business intelligence and analytics. All staff members are encouraged to continue learning in the fields of data science, analytics, and other emerging technologies.

The team collaborate effectively across multiple disciplines in order to deliver the various components which make up the services offered to clients.